Thakar Singh Myth Busters

Setting the Record Straight on Sant Thakar Singh

Myth: Sant Thakar Singh’s travel permits were withheld worldwide, and he was not allowed to enter countries like Germany.

Status: False.


In earlier years, Sant Thakar Singh would travel on speaking tours to many different countries at a time, stopping in cities big and small in India, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. In the latter years, as the number of people attending his visits increased from handfuls to groups of thousands, his visits became more oriented toward fewer, more centralized events in every world region, making it more convenient for more people to attend from a larger number of locations within each region. One example was the yearly event in northern Italy beginning in 1996 organized for all the countries of Western Europe.

Starting after his first visit to Mexico and Canada in 1977, there was no time at which Sant Thakar Singh was not able to enter any country, including Germany. Sant Thakar Singh’s visits to a smaller palette of countries in latter years was not due to any difficulties entering other countries. It wasn’t a question of obtaining visas but a matter of logistics and convenience for larger numbers of visitors that explains the shift from earlier, multi-country, small-city tours to fewer, larger events in selected countries.

Last updated: 30 Apr 2010