Thakar Singh Myth Busters

Setting the Record Straight on Sant Thakar Singh

Myth: Sant Thakar Singh embezzled donations.

Status: False.


Sant Thakar Singh’s charitable work was made possible through voluntary donations. In each country, these donations were received by non-profit organizations legally incorporated to support this work and registered with the corresponding governmental authorities. As with any non-profit organization, the organization supporting Sant Thakar Singh’s spiritual and charitable work reported the donations regularly and fastidiously to the corresponding government and tax authorities, and remained in good standing with this government oversight worldwide.

The origin of this myth likely stems from a video interview with a former treasurer of the organization furthering Sant Thakar Singh’s work in India, recorded by filmmaker L. Knauer in 1993, in which false statements were made indicating financial wrong-doing. We know the statements were untrue based on the findings of the Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office in 1995, who depositioned the former treasurer as part of its investigation into the allegations. The Public Prosecutor’s Office discounted his allegations altogether, concluding in stark language, “The witness is not believable.”

Furthermore, the treasurer himself—and his wife—came forward in 1999 to clear Sant Thakar Singh’s name, retracting their previous statements altogether. They recanted the video accusations, confessing they were falsifications, and explained the emotional circumstances and the pressure and influence of the filmmaker at the time of the filming that motivated the false testimony.

Sant Thakar Singh said, “Why should we fight over passing values like money and property? My mission is to bring the hearts of people nearer to God. Put God first and the world second.” As can be attested to by thousands of visitors to his ashram in India and by those who accompanied him on speaking tours, Sant Thakar Singh lived a simple, unostentatious life. He found his minimal needs easily met by the pension he earned after a career working as a civil engineer in the Indian government.

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Last updated: 30 Apr 2010