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Setting the Record Straight on Sant Thakar Singh

Sant Thakar Singh

Biography of Sant Thakar Singh

Sant Thakar Singh was born on March 26, 1929, in Kalra, a small village in the Punjab region in northern India.

Along with his mother and father, he lived according to the principles of the Sikh faith. They were vegetarian, did not drink alcohol, prayed regularly and read daily from the holy book, the Adi Granth. When Thakar Singh was 11 years old, his father died. From then on, he and his mother had to struggle considerably to maintain their livelihood.

Thakar Singh went to high school in the small town of Garhdiwala and afterwards studied Civil Engineering at Jullundur College, where he received his degree in 1951.

In the same year, he began his service in the government of Punjab, India at the Water Supply Department. He became district officer.

In 1952 he married Mohinder Kaur, who died in 1993.

In 1954, after India was hit by a devastating natural catastrophe, Thakar Singh intensified his search for the purpose of life.  He visited many saints of different faiths to learn from them. He also tried different meditation and yoga practices.  After many years of hard spiritual struggle, in 1965 he met Sant Kirpal Singh, who was giving public discourses on Sant Mat (see Sant Mat) in a nearby city.

Thakar Singh received the  initiation  (see Initiation) from his Master, Sant Kirpal Singh, on November 25, 1965, in Jullundur, India.

In 1968, according to the wishes of Sant Kirpal Singh, Thakar Singh started to conduct regular discourses about Sant Mat in nearby towns. 

Beginning in August, 1974, Thakar Singh, following the wishes of Sant Kirpal Singh, took a long leave of absence from his job to meditate in an ashram in Chandigarh.

On August 21, 1974, Sant Kirpal Singh left his physical body. Beginning on February 6, 1976, the birthday celebration of Sant Kirpal Singh, Sant Thakar Singh began his work as Sant Mat Master.

In February 1977 he was granted early retirement from the government services and received a regular pension from which he, his wife, and his mother could easily maintain their livelihood.

By invitation from followers of Sant Mat, Sant Thakar Singh travelled to nearly all continents of the world. Especially in his home country of India, he travelled yearly to many villages and towns, conducting two or three discourses per day. At special anniversary celebrations, several hundred thousands of people gathered to meet the Master.

Beginning in 1994, Sant Thakar Singh attended retreat events in Europe, Eurasia, on the American continent, and in Asia and the Pacific Rim – so that initiates and seekers had an opportunity to meet with him.

He lived a simple life and when not travelling remained at a secluded place to spend time in meditation for the spiritual welfare of his initiates.

In India and abroad his disciples founded numerous ashrams dedicated to Sant Thakar Singh's spiritual and charitable work, offering free services and accommodation to practice the meditation and spiritual life in a retreat environment.

On February 6, 2005, Sant Thakar Singh announced in Pimpalner, India, before more than a million visitors, that he may soon leave this world and introduced Sant Baljit Singh as the new spiritual Master.

Sant Thakar Singh passed away in Nawan Nagar, India on March 6, 2005.