Thakar Singh Myth Busters

Setting the Record Straight on Sant Thakar Singh

Sant Thakar Singh: Myths and their Debunking

Sant Thakar Singh was a teacher of Sant Mat, a spiritual path originating in India, from 1976 until his passing in 2005.

This website is designed to bring clarity and dispel various myths about Sant Thakar Singh that emerged during the years of his work promoting closeness to God through Sant Mat.

Those who made untrue allegations against Sant Thakar Singh were wrong in making false claims against him. Yet he still chose not to defend himself, even in cases where the defense would have been trivial, because it would have exposed the claimant's personal agenda and portrayed the claimant in a bad light. Sant Thakar Singh, in a selfless manner, cared more for their well-being than his own reputation. Sant Thakar Singh did allow defense against corporate and media entities who used sensational false claims, yet the court cases, whose conclusions were in favor of his good reputation, did not deter individuals from continuing to quote false allegations—even though they were proven false in court.

After his passing in 2005, the organization looking after Sant Thakar Singh’s work has decided to dedicate this site to his memory by putting together a comprehensive statement of the facts that easily and in some cases trivially debunk those myths. We hope that in our portrayal of these facts, we have maintained a high standard of fairness and respect that Sant Thakar Singh would have wanted.